What We Do

Why We Do What We Do:

Youths Digest Campus Journalism Initiative is a non-profit organization that supports young and upcoming journalists in Africa. We defend the right of young journalists to report the news safely without fear of reprisal. We also promote qualitative and independent-minded campus journalism that advances human rights, principles of inclusion, accountability and justice in Africa.

Who We Are:

Youths Digest is made up of a network of young experts across campuses, with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. Youths Digest provides young journalists with skills, knowledge and moral values to use their future leadership positions to work and advocate for social justice, good governance and peace in Africa. A board of prominent activists and journalists from Nigeria helps guide Youths Digest’s activities.

How We Work:

Our approach is based on our values and promises. In our quest for a free and independent media, Youths Digest focuses on research, capacity building, advocacy and investigative journalism. It provides critical analysis on key issues, through crafting practical solutions for campus journalists to lead the change in the Nigerian media sector. We organize frequent training workshop, seminar and award ceremony for campus journalists to become active citizens. Youths Digest also partners relevant organisations to ensure that we meet our targets and plans. Youths Digest provides comprehensive and necessary support to young journalists and media support staff working in Africa.

a. Building the capacity of campus journalists to become more informed, innovative and competitive to be central players in today’s knowledge societies and economies

b. Defending and protecting the right of young journalists to report the news safely without fear of reprisal.

c. Advocating media and communication rights and the expansion of media resources to all sections of the population.

d. Conducting ground-breaking investigations on sex for marks scandal, corruption, human rights abuses, abuse of power and due process among others.

e. To champion the Free Campus press movement and give a sense of belonging to young journalists

By engaging campus journalists in disseminating facts, human stories and solutions, the Youths Digest Campus Journalism Initiative will be a powerful driver for advocacy, action and accountability on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

To organize frequent training workshop for campus journalists to become active citizens

To provide resources for young journalists to conduct investigative reports on corruption, human rights abuses, abuse of power and promoting of due process among others.

To expose rots in Nigerian campuses, namely, sex for marks scandal, malpractices etc.

To promote gender balance in Nigerian campuses

Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms

To engage campus journalists in promoting and enforcing non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development

To award excellence and honour outstanding journalists in campuses

To promote campus journalism union bodies in tertiary institutions to hold management accountable

To track and scrutinise budgetary and procurement allocations to Nigerian campuses, with a view to promoting accountability and transparency in Nigerian tertiary institutions.


  • Student writers and broadcasters in universities, polytechnics, colleges of education
  • Students of communication, journalism and broadcasting in tertiary institutions
  • Unemployed or underemployed young journalists
  • Campus journalism and youth advocacy clubs
  • Young media professionals in online, print and broadcast organisations
  • Young media officers working in government and non-governmental organisations