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To be the touch-bearer for campus journalists in the advancement of fundamental human rights, principles of inclusion, accountability and justice in Africa.


To build and support a free, independent campus journalism anchored on fundamental human rights, principles of inclusion, accountability and justice.


To build and support a free, independent campus journalism anchored on fundamental human rights, principles of inclusion, accountability and justice.


Building the future of journalism through youth participation.

Musings of Young Minds is a must read for those burning with desire to understand the mind-set of Nigeria’s upcoming journalists 

Auwal Musa Rafsanjani

Executive Director, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC)

What I see through out Musings of Young Minds are expressions of the youth power, which if harnessed by the country, can make significant contributions to solving Nigeria’s contemporary challenges.

Nasir Saidu Adhama

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Student Affairs

Musings of Young Minds tells the bitter-sweet story of Nigeria from the unusual prism of students in higher institutions of learning.

Lasisi Olagunju

PhD, Editor, Nigerian Tribune

Musings of Young Minds grapples with some of the most urgent issues facing democracy and the media. At a time where journalists in Nigeria and around the world are under threat of surveillance, arrest and physical attack for their work, it is a reminder of the importance of free press 

Jonathan Rozen

Senior Africa program researcher with Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

Campus Journalism Awards will pass as more than just a program I had participated in. I feel privileged to have been a finalist and I count count CJA 2019 as the program that enhanced my journey through journalism

Fatima Zahra

CJA 2019 finalist

It was a good time on the stage to receive one of the awards coveted by many student journalists. It went beyond that stage. It launched me into the mainstream media, which afforded me the professional experience alongside some other benefits. For two years, as a student, I served in different media organizations in different capacities such as freelance writer, editor and investigative journalist to mention a few 

Alfred Olufemi

CJA 2018, Campus Journalist of the Year

Winning the award is a flicker of light in my career. I have had too many golden opportunities, though, journalism related. I have not had to apply for an opportunity and get rejected. I became more connected and more prominent for the things I do. People showed more interest in my daily activities and my profession. I also feel that I can impact more positively to the nation through my stories.

Maryam Abdullahi

CJA 2019, Campus Journalist of the Year

Winning the Campus Journalism Awards in 2018 as the “Best News Reporter” was a great point for me. It opened new doors for me afforded me the opportunity to break new grounds.  

Alao Abiodun

CJA 2018 Awardee

The Campus Journalism Dialogue succeeded in smearing the image of the pen-pushing profession. These problems and many more were the issues addressed at the auspicious event. It was nice meeting with many professionals and of course scholars in the field of journalism, I learnt a lot and the experience brighten my future in the field of journalism

Abdulhamid Abdullahi Aliyu

CJD 2019 participant

CJD2019 was not just a program but it was an experience I gathered in the whole of 2019 and of course I’ll proudly use in my future as a journalist. I personally feel excited that the event was held in Bayero University Kano a best memory so far

Hajara Haruna Aliyu

CJD 2019 participant

CJD 2019 gave me an insight about the journalism world. It improved my basic writing skills as it also bridged the gap between prominent journalists/activist and campus journalists. It was wonderful experience and I look forward to more of it

Arafat Abdulrazaq

CJD 2019 participant

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