By donating, fundraising for us or supporting our projects, you can help in improving and building the future of professional journalism in Africa.

Facilitating workshops and building capacities of campus journalists, forging partnerships with media organizations, creating innovative technology tools, setting up events, managing projects, and coordinating volunteers all require dedicated efforts. Your continuing donations will ensure that we can maintain and expand our work.

Youths Digest seeks global and local partners committed to a sustainable future and to empowering young journalists to lead the change we want to see. Your support will inspire millions across Africa and the world, to take actions that make a lasting difference and impact the world of journalism. Furthermore, supporting Youths Digest is a visible and valuable way of delivering on your corporate social responsibility objectives.

Currently, the work of young journalists is being supported by the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center (CISLAC)/ Transparency International Nigeria. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring any of our projects and campaigns, please email: info@youthsdigest.org

We want to build a future in which journalists will posses solid ethical core and integrity. Journalists who have their audience’s trust and consider fairness, objectivity and honesty who can report freely without shame or stigma.

Help us make that a reality.

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